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Here we go again ... the stakes are raised ... this time it's all on you. PowerWave Games 2019 - Unbreakable!


The PowerWave Games are open to all gym goers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and of course PowerWavers of all abilities and training styles. This is the chance to enter on your own with the additional choice of having your score also contribute to a team which you may wish to represent on the day. You can win the event as an individual as well as help your team win too.


​If you are representing a team as well as yourself, your score will be divided amongst the athletes within that team to produce the average overall team score. 


​There are no eliminations and you will have to take part in all 4 events. Men, women, young and old will all be in the same heat competing.


​This is the PowerWave Games 2019. This is Unbreakable!


​There will be 2 overall winners:


1.) The Athlete with the highest score


2.) The Team with the highest score


​(£250 Cash Prizes to both winners and White Games PowerWave to the individual winner to be handed out

on the day)




​Register your name and if you are also representing a team then the name of that team as well. On the day, if the team you represent has less than 5 participants you will only enter as an individual, the team will not be registered.


​Entry fee covers admin and insurance costs. In addition to this, all participants will receive a limited edition official PowerWave Games 2019 t-shirt and wristband.


All athletes competing must be over 18 years of age.


​Event Info: 


​Spectators : Free Entry


Parking : Free


Time of Registration: 9am


Competition Commences: 10am


Competition Ends: 5pm


Location: Lee Valley Athletic Centre - London - N9 OAR


Photography & Filming: There will be a professional media team on site. Spectators are welcome to take photos as well as film the event.


Other Amenities: Live DJ, food, stands selling merchandise and much more.



Scroll across to meet the events team: