A busy lifestyle shouldn’t be a reason to neglect your health. PowerWave is a revolutionary cross-trainer that is guaranteed to unleash explosive core strength, physical endurance and a leaner toner you, no matter your age, ability or fitness level. PowerWave offers a unique experience for effective and diverse 20-minute functional workouts that will not only attract members but keep them coming back for more!


From business planning and property acquisition through to ongoing marketing and operational support, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive package that gives our franchisees all the tools they need for success.


Best of all, you don’t need to be a fitness professional to own a PowerWave Fitness Hub. Most of our franchisees apply the skills and experience they’ve developed in other industries to set up their business and become their own boss.

more than just a business


PowerWave® offers our franchisees the opportunity to invest in a highly popular fitness product that requires smaller floors space, less equipment and fewer staff than a traditional gym. Our PowerWave Fitness Hubs are always run within a retail store with public access, they are inexpensive to set up, easy to manage and are designed to generate a substantial income stream for the franchisee within the first year of trading.


A PowerWave Hub gives you:

  • Multiple classes to offer throughout the day

  • Opportunity to set your own class times to fit with the local area*

  • Opportunity to take 1-2-1 PowerWave® clients**

  • Sales of PowerWave products and accessories

  • Sales of quality branded supplements

  • Opportunity to provide tailored meal plans

  • New membership sales and business growth


A PowerWave Fitness Hub is not just a retail fitness store, it’s a lifestyle store!


nice to meet you

We always ask potential franchisees to ask the following questions to themselves:


  1. Do you have a genuine passion to help others reach their fitness and health goals?

  2. Do you have the drive run your own business?

  3. Are you easily approachable?

  4. Are you familiar with social media?

  5. Can you lead your own team and work with us as we help you grow your business?

  6. Do you have over £37,000 liquid to invest?

  7. Are you ready to make a minimum 7 year commitment?


If the answer is YES to all of the above then it sounds like you will have no problem running your own hub. We have a whole team behind us who specialise in helping you get up to scratch and continue supporting you around the clock.

The next steps...

Please complete the form below to build your future with PowerWave. A member of the franchise team will be in contact shortly with further information.



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