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PowerWave is a new approach to health, wellness, and weight loss that helps you get incredible results without ever leaving your home.  When you combine the power of the PowerWave Bag and our award-winning PowerWave App, you’ll be able to enjoy thousands of unique, effective, and engaging workouts from your favorite spot in the house.  Say goodbye to gym commutes, fighting for machines, or signing up for classes ahead of time – with PowerWave, you get to enjoy the results and the benefits you want without any of the hassle, stress, or inconvenience of going to the gym.

The PowerWave

This isn’t your ordinary training device

The PowerWave Bag has been painstakingly developed by kinesiologists and exercise medicine professionals to deliver an optimized workout for any age, fitness level, or physical capacity.  With over 1,700 unique movements and exercises, PowerWave Bag harnesses the power of centrifugal force to create a challenging workout for anyone.  You’ll lose weight and sculpts your body in just 20 minutes a day.


The App

An endless variety of workouts and coaches are waiting for you.

With the PowerWave App, your next workout is always ready.  With the tap of the app, you can be instantly connected to the world’s most talented and dedicated fitness coaches who are ready to push you to become the leanest, most fit version of yourself.

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